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The Septic Tank


To the left you will see a concrete septic tank with green risers and lids.  These risers and lids on all new septic systems are brought to grade so no more digging to access them for inspection and pumping.

The second picture is a plastic 1000 gallons septic tank and pump tank. These tanks are often used when you have limited access to a space.

The bottom picture is the inside of a septic tank which shows the baffles, sludge, scum and clear zone between the solids layer.  Most septic tanks are made of concrete and will last 50 - 60 years before developing cracks, leaks, or errosion that prevents the tank from holding effluent in and ground water out.

"Wipes Manufacturer Will No Longer Claim Its Product Safe for Onsite Systems"

A product that has claimed to be safe to flush no longer holds that title and is being sued for causing severe problems to septic systems. To read more about this click on Onsite Installers

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