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Gravity systems consist of a septic tank and drainfield.  In some cases there will be a distribution box depending on the local health code.  Household sewage is primarly treated in the septic tank and then the soil completes the process.  Typically requires 4 feet of good draining soil.
Drip systems are a shallow sub-surface disposal system.  They use emitters to drip effluent into the soil 6” – 10” deep.  The system consists of a septic tank, ATU in most cases, pump tank, pump, headworks, control panel with alarm and the dripfield.
ATU (Aerobic Treatment Unit).  This system consists of a single tank utilizing the extended aeration activated sludge process.  NuWater uses air and natural bacteria to break down waste.
Low Pressure Distribution systems consist of a septic tank, pump tank, pump, control panel with alarm and a drainfield.  Effluent is evenly distributed throughout the entire drainfield during each dosing cycle.
Filter media specified by State and Local health jurisdictions is contained in a large in ground box that is open on top.  The box is lined with a 30 mil pvc liner.  Sand in the sandfilter filter out the effluent before being discharged to the disposal field.
Attached growth process.  Advantex uses passive air through a packed bed filter to provide oxygen for the microorganisms to break down waste.
Mound systems are built above ground due to poor draining soils or high water tables.  Mounds require at least 12” of dry soil.  Mounds consists of a septic tank, pump tank, pump, control panel with alarm and the mound is the drainfield.
Activated sludge process.  ATU (Aerobic Treatment Unit).   This system uses air and natural bacteria to break down waste.  The Whitewater system is made up of an outer mixing chamber and center settling chamber.
Combination of small recirculating gravel filter and sand mound drip system (OSCAR). 


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