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Envirotek is always looking out for the homeowner. We have attached a few documents for your convenience. You will see listed below are the simple Do's & Dont's of a septic system. This has some great information for first time home buyers and first time septic system owners or renters!





We also have agreement customer forms if you want to take advantage of our regular septic inspection's (to ensure your system is functioning to its fullest and to keep up with maintenance including cleaning filters) and our great discounts! Please call us at (360) 387-1731 or email jdowis@envirotekwa.com for more information on becoming an agreement customer. 


Coming soon is a list of septic system friendly products! We have also had several homeowners ask us what toilet paper is best for a septic, we are currently doing an experiment and results are coming soon to show how differnt toilet papers disolve and dont disolve in our septic tanks. 


Again, please do not hesitate to call our friendly staff who would be happy to take your phone call!

Check out our featured article in "Pumper" magazine related to watching out for the home buyers interest. 

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