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Alarm calls


  • Heavy rain events

  • Holiday gatherings

  • When you should be sleeping

  • Extra loads of laundry

  • Running toilets

  • Power outage

  • Recent O&M service

  • Pumping

Envirotek's Repair Division brings nearly 30 years of experience and understanding to diagnose any alarm call we receive.  We have well trained technicians to troubleshoot any alarm system.  Most alarm calls can be diagnosed within 15 minutes.  Some alarm boxes can even log the data in case the alarm is not on when we get there so we can confidently know what caused it.  Because we are a full service company we can pump it, clean it, fix it, inspect it, or repair it.

With the complex systems that are being installed over the last 10-15 years there are numerous reasons for the alarm to sound and we are just the experts to tell you why.

Look for some of our FREE ONSeptic classes coming in 2020 to learn more about alarms.

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